At UNIQUE Healthcare for Women we are committed to helping you negotiate a healthy life through every phase. We meet you where you are, and we provide caring, compassionate guidance through the happiest and the most challenging of times. After all, we are family. Click any of the highlighted text in the list below to find out more about each of these services. Let us show how we can help you with:

Annual Examination chula vista, ca

Annual Examination

For peace of mind and to ensure you stay healthy, we recommend an annual examination. You start by filling out an intake survey to provide the doctor with vital information about your health history. As HIPAA* laws require, we adhere to strict standards to keep your personal and private information just that… private and confidential. Your physical exam is as gentle and non-invasive as possible and may include a pelvic exam, breast exam and various tests (such as urine test and pap smear) with samples sent to the laboratory for accurate readings. You are notified on a timely basis of all findings, positive or not. Normal results mean you can relax until next year, remembering to do your monthly breast self exams. We address any problem areas together as a team, you and your doctor, to ensure you regain and maintain good health.

* HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by the United States Congress in 1996.

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Family Planning chula vista, ca

Family Planning

Some women LOVE surprises! Surprises do have their time and place! Some women prefer to manage the ebb and flow of life by planning ahead and taking control. Family planning decisions are some of the most important steps you can take. UNIQUE Healthcare for Women can be your team partner to help guide you in making decisions that are uniquely right for you. These steps might or might not include contraception, help with fertility, timing your pregnancies to allow for life’s circumstances, and myriad other ways to help you manage.

Call us to set up an appointment where Dr. Carson will help you think things through so you can make fully informed decisions about life’s smallest and biggest moments. It’s all about family.

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Contraception chula vista, ca


Contraception can be an important part of family planning. There are many methods available, and Dr. Carson will discuss with you the possible options that are best for you, your lifestyle and your personal needs. Learn more at Web MD’s Birth Control Health Center (click this link). Then call for an appointment.

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Infertility chula vista, ca


Discovering that you have problems with fertility and reproduction, especially when you are feeling such deep desire to conceive, can be a most devastating and heartbreaking experience. You can find out more by reading materials in WebMD’s Infertility & Reproduction Health Center (click this link). Then pick up your phone and give us a call for an appointment. Dr. Carson will help you discover the many options available to help restore a sense of hope, normalcy and balance to your life.
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Testing chula vista, ca

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Testing

It is a fact that sexual activity can leave a person exposed to the possibility of having a sexually transmitted disease. The best defense is to be armed with knowledge. You can learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments by visiting WebMD’s Your Guide to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (click this link). The most important thing to know is that you will need help with diagnosis and treatment, and Dr. Carson provides help with confidentiality, care and without judgment.

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Gynecology Surgery chula vista, ca

Gynecology Surgery

Gynecology (GYN) Surgery covers a range of procedures that are done to detect, diagnose and treat problems involving the uterus, cervix, vagina, lower abdominal and pelvic areas. Many of these procedures are simple, quick and painless. After healing you may be healthier, more informed and better able to decide the next steps to wellness guided by your team partner, Dr. Carson.

You can read more about some of these procedures at this Gynecology Surgery and Procedures 101 website (click this link). Then, call us to make an appointment for an assessment of your overall health and recommendations about the need for such a procedure.

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Pelvic Pain chula vista, ca

Pelvic Pain

No one should have to endure chronic pain without relief. If you are experiencing symptoms, there are a variety of conditions that might be the cause. Dr. Carson can help determine your diagnosis and discuss various options to help you.

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Bladder Dysfunction chula vista, ca

Bladder Dysfunction

“When you have to go, you have to go!” Have you ever made that statement? Bladder dysfunction can have many different causes and we know the resulting discomfort and embarrassment are no laughing matter. This Patient Information bulletin from the National Institutes of Health on Managing Bladder Dysfunction (click this link) will give you a good overview. Then come and discuss with Dr. Carson what can be done to remedy the problem.

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Menopause chula vista, ca


Whether or not you experience symptoms of menopause, every woman who lives to a certain age will eventually cease having menstrual periods. That age is different for every woman, as unique and individual as you are. If you think you have arrived at that point in your life, Dr. Carson will help you understand what you are going through and help guide you through the process. You can find out more about it at WebMD’s Menopause Health Center (click the link). Then make an appointment when you feel ready to explore the subject and any options available.

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Medical Weight Loss chula vista, ca

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Carson has a special interest in helping her patients achieve a healthier weight and active lifestyle. She offers a physician supervised weight loss program for medically supported weight loss in San Diego County. This individualized program offers nutrition education, weight loss medications, behavior management, and exercise guidance to help her patients achieve a healthier weight. Dr. Carson is board certified in Obesity Medicine and is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Visit the Uniquely Fit Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center website to learn more.

Call to find out if you are a candidate for the Uniquely Fit Medical Weight Loss program and to schedule an appointment.

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